Mechanical Handling
- Conveyor systems
- Industrial elevators
- Cranes & Hoists
- Automatic storage system
- Unit handling
- Positioning / indexing
- Packaging
- Robots
- Sorting systems
Food and Beverage
- Food processing
- Bottling units
- Canning units
- Agriculture & Farming

The manufacturing process is different in each of the categories. Especially the processes of drying technology differ for every product type because of the end use considered and also because the product life depends on the process adopted. Each class of pasta needs a special production process and technology because of different characteristics and dimensions of the product.

The bottling process also uses worm reduced backlash and ensure motion stability.
Wood & Paper
- Wood and paper machinery
- Forestry machinery
- Printing
- Board panel industry

There are many complex woodworking processes in the wood industry, carried out by machinery that is motorized by gear reducers and gear motors.